Brier Island: Whale Tales and So Much More!

I’ve always wanted to get out and go whale watching.  Knowing that we have the opportunity to do it now and are unsure of when the opportunity will arise again we took the leap (and ferries) to Brier Island, Nova Scotia.  They’ve got a reputation as the best whale watching around. Continue reading “Brier Island: Whale Tales and So Much More!”

We Found Dory! Our Dory Day on the South Shore

The importance of the humble Dory to the history of Eastern Canada is undeniable.  They were a way of life for thousands of fisherman and helped create the fishery as we know it today.  The Dories were carried on large schooners (think Bluenose).  Fisherman then climbed in and were lowered into the water to venture out, fish for the day and return to the ship.  It was dangerous work for many reasons.  If a man were to go overboard there was usually only one person to help get him back in, and in the frigid North Atlantic, hypothermia sets in quickly.   Tragically, despite painting the boats bright Continue reading “We Found Dory! Our Dory Day on the South Shore”

Bobcaygeon “Cottage Country at its Finest”

With the excitement and festivities of Canada’s 149th birthday fast approaching, we are all looking for ways to celebrate the great white North.  Every city, town and cottage will be blasting off bright fireworks.  Parades will be marching up and down Main St.  BBQ’s will barely get a chance too cool down before the next round begins.  Campfires will be surrounded with the familiar sound of our friends and Continue reading “Bobcaygeon “Cottage Country at its Finest””

Fishing Fun for the Little Ones in Beautiful Trent Lakes

Ontario has an abundance of clean and accessible lakes for your family to explore.  Our family loves to get outside and will take any excuse to get out and take it all in.  Fishing is a family favourite.  My husband fishes in a couple of tournaments which is inevitably followed by a chorus  of “But Moooooom, I want to fish in a tournament just like Daddy!”  Well kids, you’re in luck.  There is a perfect fishing tournament just for the little ones Continue reading “Fishing Fun for the Little Ones in Beautiful Trent Lakes”

Lockeport, Nova Scotia “Feels like my Heart is Home”

Michelle Held stated it perfectly when she said

“Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you loved the beach”

My not-so-secret love affair with Nova Scotia is as old as I am.  In case you’re keeping track that continues to be 29 years for the third year in a row.  There’s nothing I don’t absolutely love about Nova Scotia.  The scenery amazes me each time we’re there.  My mind never gets used to it.  Every time I see the waves cresting upon the pristine sand beaches Continue reading “Lockeport, Nova Scotia “Feels like my Heart is Home””

Our Nova Scotia Bucket List for 2016

We’re so hoping to be able to have the opportunity to travel East again this summer!  I’ve compiled a list of the attractions that we haven’t done yet as a family and would love to check out!  I haven’t traveled to Cape Breton since I was a kid myself and remember the wonder that struck me even then.  We’re hoping to get in some hiking, beach going, playing, exploring Continue reading “Our Nova Scotia Bucket List for 2016”

Sooooo…you’re traveling through Quebec

Basic French for Traveling Through Quebec (and a couple fun facts)

Quebec is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada.  They’ve got it all.  Beautiful lakes, mountains (magnificent ski hills!), vast forests, the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean.  It can be a little tricky however for the Anglophones among us to communicate Continue reading “Sooooo…you’re traveling through Quebec”

Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Kids

So you think you want to travel by car through Canada with kids.  Do it!  Be prepared though for the less-than-koombaya moments, and let me help you out a little with what’s worked for us.

Let me start by saying that I loooove road trips.  Even with my kids.  Even with the dog.  Okay, less so with the dog because she will not sit still – it’s like driving with a herd of monkeys in the car.  A “herd” of monkeys?  Continue reading “Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Kids”

Travelling Nova Scotia With Kids


Travelling Nova Scotia With Kids

My favourite place to travel with my kids is to Nova Scotia.  Mainly because I have some pretty great family there.  Then again, almost everyone I’ve met there is pretty great.  Last summer I drove out alone with my kids.  My hubby does road construction so time off in the summer is a definite “When the Leaf’s win the cup, you can go.”  For non-hockey followers, that’s a big, fat no.  So off we went.  When travelling from Southern Ontario, Continue reading “Travelling Nova Scotia With Kids”

Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls (Love, Love, Love)

We were graciously gifted a 2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario by my parents for Christmas.  We have been actively trying to get rid of much of the “stuff” taking up residence in our home and are loving “experience” gifts as an alternative, to give and to receive.  We were booked in from January 4-6 which is decidedly the off-season.  The busiest (see: most expensive) times to go are the times Continue reading “Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls (Love, Love, Love)”